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41: Danielle Desir on How to Become a Financially Savvy Traveler, Budget for your Travel Goals and How to Use Travel Credit Cards

July 31, 2019

¡Hola Gente!

Another episode of La Gente Podcast is here and today’s guest is none other than Danielle. Danielle began her journey as a money saver savvy at a very relatable moment in her life. She was living with her mother and didn’t have much in her savings. Then she decided to do something about her finances and now has bought herself a home and a car. Danielle has decided to share some of her skills on how to control your own money from credit cards to savings so you can travel around the world as she has. She has created a community which she influences and advises others on how to save money so you can be more aware of where you are spending your money.  

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